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Kubota L3130 is a 1.5-liter L-series compact utility tractor, first built in 2003 and in production for about four to five years.

It has a 1.5-liter, 3-cylinder diesel engine, with a power of 30/31 hp, and a PTO of about 24/25 hp. It has a fuel capacity of just over ten and a half gallons.

It has a hydrostatic transmission, power steering and a wet disc brake system.

Kubota L3130 Specifications

All details on specifications, parts and accessories are approximate and should be consulted with the manufacturer before making any purchase or repair.

This is partly due to the changes that a specific model can undergo over the years of production, and also because various websites offer detailed technical information, which can sometimes differ slightly.

When checking the exact specifications for a Kubota L3130, there are a number of areas to check


Production Years and Original Price

This will give an idea of ​​how long the tractor has been in use, the availability of parts and service, etc.

Production Years and Original Price

This will give an idea of ​​how long the tractor has been in use, the availability of parts and service, etc.

Kubota L3130 Power

This refers to engine power and output. Figures can vary and usually show optimal power. This can be reduced in older models, or in models that have been used a lot in different types of work, construction, etc.


These figures refer to whether the tractor is a 4 or a 2WD, the steering system, usually the power steering, the braking system, whether the cab has a Rops or not and if so, whether it is folding or stationary.

Kubota L3130 – HST

There should also be details of the transmission system, usually hydrostatic, and details of the oil capacity.

Kubota L3130 Loader

Whether the tractor can carry a loader shovel, and if so, what are the appropriate dimensions, including the size of the bucket.

Kubota L3130 Engine

You have to give details about the capacity of the fuel tank, the size of the engine, the number of cylinders and whether it is diesel or gasoline. It is also useful to know the capacity of the refrigerant.


Kubota L3130 Hydraulics

Type and total flow

Power Take Off

If the system is independent or not, the rear revolutions and the average revolutions of the tractor.

Kubota L3130 Filters

  • Engine oil filters.
  • Hydraulic filters.
  • RTV filter kit

Kubota L3130 Cab

If the cabin is closed or open, if there are Rops, what are the comfort and safety features and facilities

Tractor Hitch

The type of hitch, the type of control mechanism and the lifting capacity.

Kubota L3130 Tires and Dimensions

Tire specifications are important, especially if the tractor is to be used for different types of work; Lawn, snow plow, construction, etc.

The dimensions of the tractors are also important, mainly the wheelbase, length, width and height, with or without ropes, weight and ground clearance.

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Kubota L3130 for Sale/Prices

Buying any new Kubota tractor

From a Kubota dealer Think in terms of buying a new car or truck Investigate the retail price, the dealer’s markup, both national and local discounts.

Negotiate online if possible, as this gives you more control over the sales process. Check which accessories are included, and the service and maintenance offers, after-sales assistance such as transportation, etc.

Check different sources of credit

Get quotes from different dealerships, even outside of the area where you live, the competition is fierce. If purchasing out of state, please check shipping charges and confirm they are included.

Negotiate by email If possible, you will have everything in writing and more time to consider your options.


Buying any used Kubota Tractor

Think about buying a second-hand car or truck, both in price and who to buy.

Research current second-hand prices on the Internet They will vary depending on the year of manufacture, the size of the engine, the number of hours of use, the type of work that has been done and the type of terrain on which it has been used.

Decide how much you are willing to pay, and whether to buy privately or through a Kubota dealer private buying includes online dealerships and auction sites. The prices will likely be lower than a dealer’s, but they are also likely to offer less protection.

If you buy from a Kubota dealer, check if they know the history of the tractor – this can be very helpful in confirming its hours, service history and work history the type of work and the type of land use.

If it is outside the manufacturer’s warranty, check what warranty the dealer offers and whether it includes or excludes tires etc.

Try to negotiate online if possible, and by email for the reasons mentioned above. Also research different sources of credit, including Kubota credit if available.


Kubota L3130 Reviews

It is not a tin toy, but it has the potential to be a WWF cage champion. As we bought this lightly used, I think it would have been more prudent to buy from a business dealer. Some of the bolts are bending (!), Sloppy oil leak which could be considered normal, cracked seat = thin vinyl? Strange electricity hard to chase. Slow speed when you could really use the speed of the jet to perform tasks at the speed of light; cut herbs. See John Deers mph vs this lumberer hourly walk speed. I guess slow and steady is safer, but you could fall asleep going from one end of the field to the other. Take a stereo or phone with you to multitask and be more productive. The beast stalls if you push it towards a load that is like a sleeping elephant. The cube is lifted and you are left with nothing. Restart it and tries again and again. I’d say you could use some weights in the back to balance.

The tractor had rust on the fenders when it was picked up from the dealer. The owner told me that he would take care of fixing it, so I accepted the delivery. My first mistake now I have a tractor that rusts under the paint not a scratch on it and the dealer is not going to fix the problem so after spending right on $ 20,000 I have a fender frame and seat area rusts this tractor has only been used to cut grass serviced and inspected dealer and service times.

I have used several other pieces of equipment, and this has so far been the best for its class. Although I have not used any PTO accessory, it seems to me that it would be insufficient for the largest ones, that at 6 feet wide, you would want the largest ones, but in my case I work mainly with earth and lamb wood. , it’s excellent. The hydraulic system is very powerful, the LA 723 (?) Loader is very robust and does not bend with very heavy stones. Front axle gaskets are apparently so common, I’m about to find out how hard they are (I’ve heard they’re pretty easy).

I love this tractor with the front loader with quick hitch option

I built my house in 46 BC. in Tennessee. Clear 8 ac. with my Kubota. It worked very well with no problems. Actually, I wanted a John Deer just like the locals so it would fit. I couldn’t afford the Deer with the same accessories. The simple Deer cost more than my loaded Kubota. With 600 hours and regular maintenance, my Kubota will last all my life;

The controls are very intuitive, access for maintenance is easy and it is clear that someone thought about who and how I was going to use it. I would have put the ignition switch in a better place (entering the key is always an adventure), but it is a machine that works well and has few failures, not to say any. I’m going to mount a rearview mirror at the bottom of the anti-roll bar so that accessories control is an operation that does not require turning the head;

I’m not sure what year of purchase. But it was a new machine. The name of Kubota cost a little more money. Coming from a Ford 3000, the Kubota is a bit light. As for the characteristics, you get what is paid. I have a loader and a backhoe. It is good to have both. The hydraulic pump broke on day 366 with a year warranty. I had to pay another $ 700 for the repair. The concessionaire paid the other half;

Powerful, cheap, well built, easy to use. The only negative is the radiator and the connector of the transmission sensor that is not well protected from the damage caused by the sticks / debris.

This is the second Kubota that I have. It was updated to the L3103 of a B7200. This tractor is all that expected it to be and I use it much more than I thought. I bought it equipped with a loader LA723 and a BH90 backhoe. He saves his back every day and constantly find uses.

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