Kubota L3130 Engine Problems

Kubota L3130 Engine Problems Problems

A few weeks ago a friend was using my 2007 Kubota L3130 tractor and he called me saying it had stopped working. While troubleshooting I noticed that the crankshaft pulley was not turning when the starter motor was cranking. After ruling out all other possibilities and removing most of the front of the engine, it appears that the crankshaft is broken between the front cylinder and the timing gear. I have not fully opened the engine and was hoping to find a used engine to change but have had no luck finding it. The engine it carries is the D1503-M-E. I have some questions that I hope to find some more information about.

1) Is there a better place to look for used engines, since normal online searches have only resulted in reman engines?

2) Will other engines work instead of the D1503-M? – I have noticed that the oil pan of mine has two sumps, as the axle for the front axle goes straight through the center, and I suppose I would have to transfer it to the used engine if it was not from a similar tractor, so that the bolt pattern would have to align.

I have worked on diesels before and have never seen the crankshaft break like this, is this a known issue with this type of engine or did I just get one with a bad crankshaft?

Are you sure the crankshaft is really broken? I’ve never seen this happen on a low-performance diesel before.

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