Kubota L3130 loader/bh slow hydraulic issue

Kubota L3130 loader/bh slow hydraulic issue Problems

I went down to dig a trench for my neighbor today. No good deed goes unpunished. I had to go down a steep bank to get to the ditch. He suggested that I drag my backhoe bucket so I wouldn’t slip in the mud. So I was in gear number 1 crawling up this bench and my backhoe slid in the mud about 4 feet.

When I got to the bottom nothing worked. My backhoe is barely responding to the controls. The backhoe had been used 5 minutes before entering the trench, also my front loader raises and lowers very slowly. The strange thing about the loader is that the bucket works well and if I combine the movement of the bucket with the raise or lower control it responds normally. With the up and down control you only drag.

I disconnected the backhoe hoses from the system and the loader still has the same problem.

I think I popped a relief valve somewhere in the front when I put back pressure (dragging my backhoe) on the backhoe with no open control valves. I’m going to see if I can troubleshoot the loader first. I know they are related but I need to start somewhere.

Also in all of this one of my backhoe control valves started crying from the top. The next one to that now scrolls back and is very difficult to push forward. I’m going to have to put new rings or on those.

I would appreciate any input. Thanks guys.

Today I found the problem. I went down to get my tractor from where I had left it. As I exited the driveway, I moved the lever on the 3-point hitch from all the way up to all the way down. I felt and heard a knock all over the tractor. My front loader started working right away. When I got home I reconnected the hoses to my backhoe and it worked perfectly. Even the valve that was getting stuck snapped back.

I’m still not sure what the knock sound was. It was not a mechanical sound.

I thank God that my tractor is working again.

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