Kubota L3130 Starting Problem

Kubota L3130 Starting Problem Problems

I have had my L3130 for 7 years and have never had a problem with it. I didn’t use it for a month and my problems started. It started but did not continue working. I put a new fuel filter and an air filter on it and bleed the lines from the injectors and it started fine. If it goes out, the lines must be purged again. I have checked the fuel pump and it was pumping to the injector pump. Could it be the injector pump? Nothing worked this morning. It starts up fine but won’t start. I hear a clicking noise that I have not heard in step when the key is turned on. Every time I have heard this click I have had trouble starting the tractor. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If you have to bleed the injector lines to get it started every time, you have a leak in the fuel lines somewhere that allows air to enter when the engine is off. When bleeding, does air come out? Do you see any wet spots that can indicate where to start? My 3130 clicks when the key is turned on, it is the glow plug relay that activates and releases based on engine time / temperature.

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