Kubota L3130 won’t start. Fuel filter?

Kubota L3130 won't start. Fuel filter? Problems

This is the setup. I have had the tractor, a L3130 HST for about 6 months, it had no problems at all. Today I started it, I let it warm up for a couple of minutes (the temperature is about 50 degrees) and I went out. After traveling about 100 yards, it sputtered and died, and did not restart. Battery is cranking starter fine, it’s going to cough a bit, but won’t start.

I just added fuel a couple of days ago, all the gauges read fine, not showing any problems on the panel. It just sounds like it’s not getting fuel. I don’t know when or if the fuel filter has ever been changed. I can see the fuel in the lower half of the filter. The fuel valve is open. The oil should not be changed for a while, the air filter is fine.

Let me add one thing. When I bought the diesel last time, there was a guy working on the pump, replacing the hoses. I was the first to use it with the new hose. I was wondering if maybe something could have gone wrong there, something in the hose, debris, etc.

I have not yet investigated how difficult it is to change the fuel filter. I wanted to make sure that there is nothing I am looking at too much. The manual also mentions bleeding the fuel system from time to time, but you have to start the engine to do it.

You could take the cap and try to blow the restriction back through the tank. But don’t use compressed air, I would use something low pressure / volume like a bike pump. Otherwise you could have a diesel geyser. Also, remember that if you loosen that restriction, it will flow without any closure, so I would do it into a clean 5 gallon bucket, with a way to hold the hose closed.

First of all, can you see anything blocking the power line by looking through the fill? There may be something blocking it and you can access it.

If there is no fuel flow, you know the problem is in the line or in the tank, so this is pretty easy, but it may require removing the tank to clean it.

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