Kubota L3130 diesel runs unevenly Problems
Kubota L3130 diesel runs unevenly
It helps with the question what is wrong if the diesel engine runs erratically? Air in fuel supply system – Air purge.Piston seized.
Kubota L3130 Low engine power. Problems
Kubota L3130 Low engine power
Kubota L3130 HST Tractor Malfunction.Low engine power.How can I eliminate the problem? Defective governor.Incorrect timing of fuel jet Have service repaired.
Kubota L3130 Diesel doesn't crank over Problems
Kubota L3130 Diesel doesn’t crank over
Lately I have noticed a failure in my Kubota L3130 front loader.The diesel does not start.Explain what is the failure? You have used a type of incorrect fuel.
Kubota L3130 won't start. Fuel filter? Problems
Kubota L3130 won’t start. Fuel filter?
This is the setup. I have had the tractor, a L3130 HST for about 6 months, it had no problems at all. Today I started it, I let it warm up for a couple
Kubota L3130 loader/bh slow hydraulic issue Problems
Kubota L3130 loader/bh slow hydraulic issue
I went down to dig a trench for my neighbor today. No good deed goes unpunished. I had to go down a steep bank to get to the ditch. He suggested that I
Kubota L3130 Starting Problem Problems
Kubota L3130 Starting Problem
I have had my L3130 for 7 years and have never had a problem with it. I didn’t use it for a month and my problems started. It started but did not
I'm working on a Kubota l3130 tractor that im having shut down for no reason problem Problems
I’m working on a Kubota l3130 tractor that im having shut down for no reason problem
We have changed the battery, the relay, checked the battery connections.But we still have this problem it seems to be a ground problem but the reasons
Kubota L3130 Clutch Problems Problems
Kubota L3130 Clutch Problems
I have an L3130.The clutch was replaced at 200 hours.Now I have changed it again at 1870 hours.Stretch marks have worn out but the clutch disc looks new.
Kubota L3103 hst problems Problems
Kubota L3130 hst problems
I have a Kubota l3130 hst that has suddenly stopped moving back and forth.All hydraulic functions work properly and strongly.If I accelerate it and try
Kubota L3130 Engine Problems Problems
Kubota L3130 Engine Problems
A few weeks ago a friend was using my 2007 Kubota L3130 tractor and he called me saying it had stopped working. While troubleshooting I noticed that the